“I’m significant- screamed the speck of dust”


“Humans are freaks”, said my physics teacher.

I was sitting in physics when my teacher began to go on a rant. He began to explain the big bang theory and then went on to tell us about the universe, he began telling about how big the universe was in comparison to our planet Earth and how our planet is nothing but a tiny speck of dust in comparison to the rest of the universe. The universe is infinite whilst our planet is tiny being only approximately 12, 742 km in diameter. Millions of thoughts were going through my mind, what exactly does that mean for humans? We are living on a planet that is huge to us yet only a speck of dust to the rest of the universe.


The lesson seemed to have gotten deep enough but my teacher then went on to explain the unlikeliness of us being here. It’s something crazy like a 1 in 100 billion chance of a planet being able to obtain life, our planet is THAT 1 in 100 billion. You never really think that though, it’s so weird to suddenly realise how rare it is for there to be an earth, a planet for us to live on. We are complete freaks.


As I walked out of that physics lesson my friend turned to me and she said, “so, basically, life is completely insignificant. We are just here because of some freak occurrence.”  And to be honest with you, I thought she was right. We are so tiny that the massive things we do in on our planet, in our lives, mean absolutely nothing to the rest of the universe. You may think you are making a difference to the world when you win a Nobel Prize or start up a foundation to cure a disease but to the rest of the universe it means nothing. So that’s how we left the lesson, thinking that everything we did was basically pointless, that our lives were completely insignificant.


 This was until the other night, a close family member and a close family friend of mine both died in the space of a week. I went to this same friend, who told me life was insignificant, slightly distressed. It was only a week after that physics lesson and both of our views had changed. We decided that the chance of us being here is so small, so incredibly rare and yes, humans are freaks with our strange ability to think and feel emotions but we are here for a reason, every single one of us. Even if that reason is to simply teach another person a lesson or to come in to make an impact on somebody else’s life, people big or small are here for a reason, we are all brought to this world with complete coincidence to fulfil a purpose, and find our destiny; whether it is just making an impact on somebody’s life or helping someone to make that one life changing decision, we fulfil it, it makes us who we are and then we are taken from this world, sometimes only after a very short amount of time. 


So even though humans are freaks and incredibly rare to exist and even though we are all just specks of dust in comparison of the rest of the universe, without specks of dust, there would simply be no dust at all. We are all here to serve a purpose and even if you don’t feel it, you are significant.


Xx G

In loving memory of Geoff and Max.

And thank you Kate, for just being there. You are significant, don’t let anyone tell you different. 



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